quick nginx server blocks in one command


Quickly deploy code from anywhere using up

Current version: up v.0.1.5 (Pre-Alpha)

Notes: up has landed in pre-alpha! 🎉 Changelog will be added from up v.0.2.0 (Alpha/MVP)
⚠️ up is still not ready for use yet! Do not attempt to use this in development or production until alpha!

up is a server-client system that enables you to quickly deploy sites. It consists of the up-serve on the server and the up-cli on the client. up-cli is not yet in development, but up-serve is almost ready. Star the project on Github!


As of now, up only supports Debian and Ubuntu based distros. Support for more distros will come soon. Add an issue to bump this process.

You will need to have node JS and nginx installed.

Install up from npm:

npm i -g up-serve

up is now available as a command.


up static <domain> - Create new static server at current folder.

up proxy <domain> <port> - Create new proxy server listening at said port.

up list - List currently available servers. (Doesn't work yet)

up kill <domain> - Kill the server for this domain.


up static example.com will serve a static website from current folder.

up proxy example.com 8081 will create a reverse proxy listening at port 8081.

up kill example.com

Contributors, Collaborators, and Guides

Plenty of people gave their time guiding me and shaping this tool.

I'd like to thank and give credit to The Devs Community, who are the primary reason this exists.

I'd also personally thank the following amazing people for their valuable support and feedback: Pouria Ezzati, Thomas Rory Gummerson, Omar Khalil, Martin, GingerPlusPlus, Faizan Akram.

And the following people for their moral support and listening to my constant bickering: David (The Humanoid), Иброхеем, Simon 'SitiSchu' Schürrle.


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